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Ashley Kealy Only person who would have a problem being recorded is the person who did it!
Cheryl Sanders Death :  Cheryl Sanders Obituary, Hollywood stuntwoman and Husband Robert Reed Sanders Killed in Ohio .  t you put as undercover? Trying to get him to slip up???
Harry Gregg Death :  Harry Gregg Obituary, Ex Man U Player Dies.  deserves to be found and the truth be told! How Jason Davis Death :  Jason Davis Obituary, Mikey Blumberg from Disney's Recess Dies.  gets that info should it matter??? A little boy is missing and if it were my kids I would want them doing everything possible to bring my child home! K and B deserve to know what happened to their little boy .

Kathy Woodward
Kathy Woodward Good luck Gary stand up to the people that are trying to stop you from the truth plenty of us are on your side and believe you were used to stop the truth from coming out from some high up people that are involved in Williams disappearince

Daz Dixon Go Gaz...
Coroner wouldn’t listen. Now is GJ time to put his case forward.
4secret recordings and gets charged...
Dr. Amie Harwick Death, Obituary : Hollywood Doctor Murdered. has his time in court to voice himself. Truth about William will come out.
DJ and record producer Andrew Weatherall Death - Andrew Weatherall Obituary are a legend Gary

Wendy Gordon Neil So many things have been whitheld from the public it is hard to know what to believe. Why take Lucas Alvarez Death :  Lucas Alvarez Obituary, Westminster Charter School student Killed in Boat Accident. of the case that is exploring every avenue.’ Seems Bill Bozo Britten Death :  Bill Bozo Britten Obituary, Bozo the Clown" on WPIX in the 1960s to me,

Kristy Mckewin The truth will always comes out in the end wether or not the cretin gets into trouble....look at all those cases solved and knowing who it was thanks to technology and DNA ????.... dude you think your smart , your not you’ll get yours one day soon

Wendy Savignano
Wendy Savignano Oh please let this little boy where ever he is be found, so many things don’t add up, been following his disappearance from that tragic day

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